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Representation Tailored To Your Case, Needs And Goals

The outcomes of your legal challenges should be as important to your lawyer as they are to you. At the Law Offices of Beth White, I am a Cumberland County attorney who is thoroughly dedicated to achieving my clients’ goals and protecting their rights at every stage of the case.

As my client, I take the time to get to know you. This allows me to construct a more detailed strategy that is designed to reach an end to the case that helps you now and in the future. I am caring and compassionate when working with my clients, but tenacious and assertive when working with opposing counsel to resolve an issue. Below are some of the other areas of the law in which I practice. Get in touch with me to discuss these areas or other questions you may have about your situation.

Customized Estate Planning

Planning for the future is an important step that everyone needs to take, regardless of how difficult it may be to discuss. I understand how uncomfortable it can be to face making plans to protect your estate and loved ones in the event you were to pass away. I work closely with clients to establish comprehensive wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills and other estate planning documents that will protect everything you have worked so hard to achieve.

Personal Injury Cases

Suffering an injury in a serious accident can be life-altering. I provide injured clients and their families with representation and understanding throughout the process of seeking compensation for the losses resulting from an accident. Whether you were injured in a car accident, truck accident or another motor vehicle accident, or a slip-and-fall (premises liability), I am committed to holding the negligent party responsible and pursuing recovery for your property damage, pain and suffering, lost wages and medical expenses.

Real Estate Transactions

Buying or selling a property can be a convoluted process. Having a lawyer on your side who can explain each step can help you understand the process. I provide my clients with guidance in buying residential property, selling residential property, dealing with municipalities in land use issues, assistance with real estate documents and other real estate-related matters in which you may require help.

Learn More During An Appointment With Me

To get more information on how I handle each one of these practice areas, and how I can help you, schedule a consultation at my office. Call my firm today at 856-454-1939 or use my online contact form to send me an email.